Our founder, Jeanne Goldberg began her real estate career as a developer. After seeing her projects, developers and realtors started requesting her staging and design work. The demand grew so high, that Inhabit just had to happen!

 Jeanne has a degree in Design and in addition to her real estate experience, she leverages over a decade of Graphic Design for IBM, the FBI, and the US Department of Justice. Whether in painting, graphic design or interior design, Jeanne has a passion for how color and form create emotional impact.

  Jeanne loves talking properties, so let her know what home ideas you’re thinking about. She has a fresh, clean aesthetic waiting for your next project!


Catherine McClements,  a talented, seasoned designer leads our design team by drawing from her years of experience at high-end design firms in DC and Laguna Beach, CA, along with Homepolish and Havenly. She has been part of projects published in several nationwide magazines and was the lead designer in a project published in the book, Contemporary Cottages.

Catherine has a BFA in Interior Design, and is a CAD rendering master, but what our clients love most is her rare talent for innovative space planning and her ability to inspire home buyers with their dream environment.

Catherine’s design talents as a maker span into her many creations using her sewing, painting, drawing, jewelry making and writing talents to name a few, but she’ll basically learn anything to complete a project.

Without Kevin Vieira we'd have a bunch of great design ideas that would never make it into anyone's home. Kevin's a rare combination of brains and brawn- with a political science degree and 4 years of collegiate soccer from Cornell, Kevin also has a background as a carpenter with design-build firms in DC. 

 Kevin’s built many pieces for Inhabit along with our popular chess set.  His talents don't end there though, he plays guitar, chess, has rescue Malinois and is our resident barista (when you see Kevin know that his cup of carefully brewed joe is nearby.)

Shatrell Jacobs leverages her experience as a realtor with her passion for staging and design. Her talents for staging are unmatched but our favorite thing about Shatrell is how she makes every job fun and makes us all laugh. But don’t be deceived by her sweet-looking smile, in addition to a double major of Interior Design and Business, Shatrell lays down the law with 2 high-spirited boys and dead lifts over 200lbs in her spare time.

While the rest of us are out staging, Katie Soper is the (wo)man behind the curtain running the show. Kate keeps projects on track from the estimate to the pick-up.

Kate has an impressive background with a degree in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy from Michigan State University. She spent many years as a legislative assistant to two Michigan State Representatives and was the executive assistant to the board of directors and the manager of a private association. In addition, Kate pursued a degree in education and spent several years as an early childhood educator.

In addition to her work with Inhabit, Kate and her husband are raising two little rambunctious girls. We couldn’t survive a day without her!